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Seiferheld Wood-Agency - Home

Since its founding in 1966, the timber import agency Claus Seiferheld KG from humble beginnings to become an internationally renowned company and now ranks among the leading wood agencies in Central Europe.

The company's founder, Claus Seiferheld (died 2004), was during his training for some time in Scandinavia and has proved to spot a good technical and language skills acquired. These were crucial in the first years of existence of the company, to initiate timber imports from Scandinavia and constantly expanding. Similarly, has also been expanding circle of customers, so that today, lumber and planing the delivery of goods from the Scandinavian countries, not only in Germany but also Austria, Italy, Poland and Switzerland to the pillars of the company.

With the onset of twin sons, Immo Seiferheld and Tammo Seiferheld at the end of the eighties as complementary to the now to a KG converted company, the connections to Eastern Europe has been intensified and after the political upheaval further expanded. Today, the company provides reliable from Poland, the Baltic States, Russia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia Planed timber and timber for different applications. In the other Eastern Bloc countries the company intensively arrange further contacts to get an even wider range to offer in the future.

Seiferheld Wood-Agency - Home

So, today the company Seiferheld Wood-Agency GmbH & Co.KG is an interesting and reliable partner and intermediary between the timber industry in the named producing countries and customers in Europe.